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LiDAR Service and Photogrammetry to Elevate Your Land Surveying Business

Good survey techs are hard to find.  

Consider TopoMatters Your Workforce Multiplier!

Shatter the traditional tradeoffs between quality, speed, and cost through replicable UAS-based LiDAR service and photogrammetry workflows.

lidar service and photogrammetry efficiency for land surveyors

You establish control and check points, we’ll plan and fly the mission, process the collected data, perform quality assurance against known check shots, and work with you to hand off post-processing deliverables that fit into your workflow.

Precision Data Collection - Photogrammetry and LiDAR Service

Using industrial UAS equipment with RTK and PPK corrections, our photogrammetry and LiDAR service captures data with centimeter-level precision. This can lead to remarkable outcomes when it comes to processing the survey.

In project locations where RTK is available, data is collected in the NAD83 (2011) realization.  Alternatively, data is post processed with PPK and transformed to this adjustment, with final deliverables projected to State Plane, UTM or a local coordinate reference system. 

5 return LiDAR

5 Return LiDAR = 5 Chances to Reflect Bare Earth

Whether collecting data amongst ponderosa pines, aspen groves or a sea of sage, 5 return LiDAR is a valuable technology that can enhance the quality and utility the LiDAR data. By recording multiple returns from a single laser pulse, 5 return LiDAR can provide more information, accuracy, and versatility for various applications and analyses.  Learn more about our LiDAR system specs here.

7 Parameter Helmert Transformation for Drone Mapping

Seven Parameter Localization

Many projects require data in projected in your local coordinate system.  In this case, ground control point coordinate pairs are applied to transform the point cloud to the project’s local coordinate system prior to further processing.  Typically, we’ll expect five pairs of coordinates in both geographic (lat/lon/ellipsoid height) and your local coordinate system (y,x,z) to apply the transformation.  Or if you already have this transformation for the area of interest, let us know!

planimetric line work

Planimetric linework

Once accuracy is verified, drone-based deliverables can quickly establish a base project for your survey with the typical features you’d expect, including spot elevation points, break lines, contours, a TIN surface and more.
lidar service and photogrammetry to boost your land survey business

Bring your own ground shots

Good drone data will always be complemented by at least some ground work by the Professional Land Surveyor, including control, check shots, areas that can’t be seen from the air and of course property boundaries, monuments and underground utilities.

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