TopoMatters – Colorado Drone Mapping and LiDAR

Client Spotlight

Chaffee County Ranch Property

Ranch residence position, orientation and construction progression


A private landowner meticulously planned his family’s dream home, considering every detail from architectural style to interior design. However, he found himself at a crossroads, grappling with uncertainty about the optimal positioning and orientation of the home relative to the immediately surrounding land features.


TopoMatters implemented a 3D mapping solution, capturing intricate details such as tree canopies, the featured river view, and rock features of the owner’s property. This aerial data was merged with the architectural drawings to visualize the views and make adjustments before breaking ground.


Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s topography, the owner gained a newfound confidence in the optimal placement and orientation of his dream home.  And TopoMatters was further engaged to map construction progression and create basemaps to support ongoing development of the ranch.

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