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Mapping Horizons: Elevating GIS with Drone Photogrammetry and Coordinate Systems Integration

Introduction: In the dynamic realm of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the quest for precision and efficiency in capturing existing conditions has spurred the adoption of drone photogrammetry. Empowered by this transformative technology, GIS professionals are equipped to navigate complex terrain and extract rich spatial data, on hard surfaces in particular, with unprecedented accuracy. At the […]

Harnessing Drone LiDAR for Assessing Slope Erosion and Stability: A Comprehensive Approach

Land Change Detection

Introduction: Slope erosion poses a significant threat to landscapes, infrastructure, and communities worldwide. Understanding slope stability is crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring safety. Traditional methods of slope evaluation often involve time-consuming processes. However, advancements in technology, particularly the use of drone LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), are revolutionizing how we assess slope erosion and […]

Considerations for choosing a drone mapping provider (2024 Update)

Drone mapping has become an increasingly popular technology in various industries such as construction, agriculture, and real estate. However, not everyone has the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct drone mapping themselves. That’s where drone mapping companies come in. Companies like TopoMatters provide professional drone mapping services for clients who require high-quality aerial images and […]

What are LiDAR maps? Understanding cartographic vs. engineering contours

Contours are those curved lines that trace out areas of equal elevation on a map. They’re like the topographic fingerprints of the land, revealing its ups and downs in a way that’s both intuitive and informative. But there’s more to contours than meets the eye. Did you know there are actually two main types of […]

Demystifying Drone Mapping Technology: Navigating Photogrammetry and LiDAR Deliverables

The slope shade model provides a visual understanding of slope for terrain, driveways, roof pitches and more.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technical mapping, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has opened up new realms of possibilities. One such enchanting realm is the magic of drone mapping, where the skies become a canvas for precision and innovation. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey into the world of drone mapping, exploring the […]

Aerial insights: elevate profits with drone mapping for aggregate businesses

aggregates volume

Introduction In the dynamic world of aggregate sales, staying at the forefront of technology can be the key to unlocking unprecedented efficiency and profitability. Enter drone mapping for aggregate businesses—a revolutionary tool that has reshaped the landscape of the industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore the game-changing benefits that drone mapping brings to aggregate […]

Soaring High: Unveiling the benefits of drone mapping for earthworks companies


Introduction In the ever-evolving realm of construction and earthworks, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Drone mapping for earthworks is one technological advancement that has revolutionized the industry. Unleashing a myriad of benefits, drone mapping has become a game-changer for earthworks companies, offering efficiency, accuracy, and a competitive edge. In this blog […]

Understanding 2 critical drone survey company service options

Photogrammetry or LiDAR? Upon searching for a drone survey company, many people quickly become overwhelmed with choosing best drone survey method for their particular project. In this blog post, we hope to help you quickly educate you to determine what’s best for your specific project. Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ie drones, can carry different types of […]

Why LiDAR? Learn the pros and cons of aerial LiDAR data for surveying

LiDAR data

Surveying is the process of measuring and mapping the physical features of the Earth, such as landforms, buildings, vegetation, and infrastructure. Surveying is essential for many applications, such as planning, design, construction, management, and monitoring of various projects. However, traditional terrestrial-based surveying methods can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and sometimes unsafe. Moreover, traditional surveying methods may […]

Top 3 advantages of 5 return LiDAR

5 return LiDAR

LiDAR is a technology that uses laser pulses to measure the distance and shape of objects. LiDAR can be used for many applications, such as mapping, forestry, archaeology, and autonomous driving. One of the key features of LiDAR is the ability to record multiple returns from a single laser pulse. This means that LiDAR can […]

5 top ways to market land with drone mapping

market land wth drone mapping

In this blog post, we will explore how drone data can help market land and maximize the value of a land sale. The use of drones in the real estate industry is becoming increasingly popular, particularly when it comes to land marketing. Drones are equipped with cameras and sensors that can capture high-resolution images and […]

Quality UAS data in variable terrain

Terrain following to maintain accuracy and map quality

When it comes to collecting accurate data through remote sensing technologies, terrain awareness and ground sampling distance (GSD) are two crucial factors to consider. The terrain of a given area can significantly impact the accuracy and resolution of data collection, making it important to understand its impact on GSD. This is particularly relevant in Colorado, […]

Photogrammetry versus LiDAR, which is better?

Photogrammetry vs LiDAR. Both are popular methods for creating 3D models. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the use case, one method may be more suitable than the other. Photogrammetry is the process of using photographs to create a 3D model. The process involves taking a series of overlapping photos from […]

Improve commercial property assessments

A "digital twin" point cloud contains millions of 3D pixels and offers a current perspective view of your project

Commercial assessors are professionals who are responsible for assessing the value of commercial properties such as office buildings, retail centers, and warehouses. One tool that commercial assessors can use to support their work is drone mapping. In this blog post, we will explore how drone mapping can benefit commercial assessors and improve their work. What […]

Considerations for choosing a drone mapping provider

Drone mapping has become an increasingly popular technology in various industries such as construction, agriculture, and real estate. However, not everyone has the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct drone mapping themselves. That’s where drone mapping companies come in. These companies provide professional drone mapping services for clients who require high-quality aerial images and data […]

Architects, accelerate time to revenue with drone data

How often are your client projects stalled due to analysis paralysis? Drone mapping has become an increasingly popular tool in the architecture industry and can help accelerate your workflow and accelerate time to revenue. Architects and designers leverage high-quality aerial data to improve project design, site analysis, and project communication. In this blog post, we […]

Save time and money in construction

Drone mapping is becoming an increasingly popular tool, and one that increasingly helps businesses save time and money in construction projects. The technology allows construction professionals to collect high-quality aerial data, which is used to improve project planning, reduce risks, and improve project delivery. In fact, in a 2022 survey, 53% of survey respondents reporting […]

Survey technology in drone mapping

Drone mapping has become an essential tool for professionals in industries such as construction, agriculture, and surveying. However, ensuring the accuracy of the resulting maps and models can be a challenge. One way to increase the accuracy is through the use of survey technology in drone mapping, including Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) […]

Better community planning with drones

Planning simulation powered by drone mapping and 3D LiDAR

Community planners are responsible for designing and managing the physical and social infrastructure of cities, towns, and other communities. They play a critical role in creating livable, sustainable, and equitable communities that meet the needs of their residents. One tool that community planners can use to support their work is drone mapping. In this blog […]

GSD is a critical factor in drone mapping

Ground sampling distance (GSD) is a critical factor in drone mapping, as it determines the level of mapping detail

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have revolutionized the way we collect data and imagery from the air. They have opened up new possibilities for industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, and surveying, allowing professionals to easily capture high-resolution aerial images and create detailed maps and 3D models of their sites. However, when […]

5 reasons you should not buy a drone for your business

Drones have become increasingly popular over the past few years and have revolutionized the way businesses operate. With the ability to capture high-quality aerial footage and data, drones have become a go-to tool for a variety of industries. However, many businesses struggle with the decision to hire a drone service provider or to invest in […]